Fully Auto Reheat Stretch Blow Moulding Machine

for bottles in different categories

AP04-Series is the fully automatic machine series for high output production.  A wide range of bottle applications can be applied in the machine series, i.e. 20L PET bottle, cosmetic bottle, PP bottle or transfusion bottle. 

There is preform unscrambler for feeding preforms automatically into the machine while blown-up bottles are ejected automatically.  The machine is able to blow PET/PP/PC bottles in different category as below:  


A: 200ml-800ml 1,800-2,000pcs/h 4-cavity
B: 3L-5L 1,000-1,100pcs/h 2-cavity
D: 30ml-120ml 1,800-2,000pcs/h 4-cavity
E: 5Gallon 80-120pcs/h 1-cavity
H: 0.5L-2L 2,000-2,500pcs/h 4-cavity


* Detailed specifications are provided upon request.